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Welcome to our Wild Women Community!

When first starting my business, I felt isolated, alone, and very overwhelmed. I was craving a group of like-minded, soul-driven women whom I could turn to for support, guidance, and to share all the ups & downs that come with creating our own wild path in life. 

So much of entrepreneurship is a personal growth journey: developing the confidence to step into our authentic voice, intuition, unique gifts, and take aligned action despite the many fears that arise.

Today, our Wild Women community is filled with inspiring women from all over the world who are taking the leap. Women who are choosing to believe in themselves and their soul's calling. Women who are doing their own healing work, because they know it all starts from within. Women who are ready to live life on their terms, as they've always imagined. 

The best part? We no longer have to do it alone. This new model of entrepreneurship values collaboration over competition, with the understanding that we are stronger together. That there is room for us all - and our rising helps others do the same.

If you've been looking for an inclusive, supportive community of your business soul-sisters, I hope you will join us! Can't wait to see you in our free FB community where you can catch all the latest.



Join the Wild Women Business Collective

>>  You know that you're passionate about wellness and helping others and you're ready to dive in and give it your all


>>  You have a deep calling to share your gifts, but feel overwhelmed with where to start and what to focus on


>>  You're sick of energy-depleting work that doesn't align with who you are and the life you want to lead 


>>  You day-dream of running your own business full-time and having the freedom to work from anywhere, travel, and take care of yourself and your family, doing what you love most


>>  You are committed to your own healing, growth, and personal development and want to share this with others

But, when you sit down to work on your business, you feel stuck. Anxious. Not sure what to spend your time on with so many things you could be doing.  You find yourself in your head, overthinking, and falling in the comparison trap of "everything I have to offer has already been done."


...You know you are capable, but you get in your own way. 


Or, perhaps you have called in a few clients, but yet to see the consistent engagement you know is possible. 

...If you're feeling this way, I see you. I've been there and I know what it's like to feel stuck, resistant, and not quite sure how to proceed with the work you want to be doing in the world. 

And, I know how valuable support, accountability, and guidance are along the way. 

It's why I created the Wild Women Business Collective: to give you the tools and community to bring out your innate gifts, inner confidence, and to step into your power as a soul-driven wellness entrepreneur.

Program Details

>>  8-weeks of group support & accountability as you join a small, intimate collective of wellness 

entrepreneurs dedicated to their personal and business development 

>>  LIVE calls 1/x week where we come together to learn & focus on core areas of business:


-  Identifying your vision 

-  Addressing root blockages/limiting beliefs 

-  Embodying a healthy entrepreneur mindset

-  Getting to know your ideal client & what they really need

-  Stepping into your authentic voice, gifts & power

-  Crafting your unique offers

-  Aligned marketing, sales & client conversion 

>>  Group feedback with eyes on your business! Get all your questions answered in a collaborative community where we are committed to your growth, rising, and success. Consider this your personal advisory meeting where you can strategize, share ideas, and get personalized feedback to help nourish & grow your vision

>>  1:1 email support throughout the program 

>>  Access to private, member-only FB group for continued support/resources

Price: $200/month

Program starts week of January 13th 

If you're feeling called to join, I encourage you to apply.

We will jump on a quick call to answer all your questions and see if it's the right fit for you!