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About Erin

My Story

For over a decade, I struggled with chronic illness stemming from leaky gut: food sensitivities, fatigue, digestive distress, depression, anxiety, debilitating brain fog, skin issues, and weight gain. I felt alone and misunderstood, bouncing from one practitioner to the next who treated symptoms with medications. 

The field of functional medicine changed my life. I found a practitioner who embodied an integrative approach, viewing the body as an interconnected system and one that is dependent upon the health of our gut. Through an individualized diet and lifestyle plan, I healed not only my gut issues but my mental health concerns as well. 


Today, I am dedicated to combining the fields of mental health and functional medicine to help other women in the process of healing their gut. I believe true health means reconnecting with our bodies, and learning that we can trust and heal ourselves. 


Today you will find me getting back to my roots: cuddling chickens, hosting goat parties, and never missing a big savory breakfast. I love growing my own food, flannel shirts, echinacea tea, and finding the best farm to table spots while traveling. 

Within my practice, I believe in the power of food as medicine and use a holistic, individualized approach based on personalized nutrition, mindfulness, stress reduction, and self-care practices. 


I obtained my Master in Social Work Degree from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and my Bachelors Degree from the University of Virginia. I earned my Integrative Nutrition Health Coach certification through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and also hold a certification as an Autoimmune Paleo Health Coach. 

My Approach to Wellness